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“Amy and Inna truly do offer something special. They have a loving and healing energy.” 

About Inna Neal

Inna Neal is a Transformational Wisdom Life Coach and Guide. Her expertise guides and supports children, teens, parents, families and individuals become self-aware, heal their past experiences, and create new ways of living life in presence, freedom, ease and joy. She teaches a powerful system of living consciously through local and international workshops, speaking engagements, retreats and one on one coaching and mentoring.

Eight years ago, with a background in psychology, Diploma in Mental Health, and a Mum with four children, her life seemed picture perfect but behind that picture there was a lot of pain and adversity. Her relationships with her children and husband were constantly strained and she developed a painful auto-immune skin dis-ease that impacted her daily life. With many attempts to find healing, balance, and sanity she kept falling short going deeper and deeper into the pain. She needed to find another way. Through a series of synchronistic events, she dived deep into personal inquiry of living life fully which led her to learn from incredible leaders and teachers on living life consciously, how our minds work, metaphysics, and so much more. Her life began to change, her relationships transformed, and her auto-immune dis-ease healed. She began to experience joy, ease, freedom, and Love. With a powerful desire to teach this to others, she created her company called “Innerlightened”. Her work has transformed the lives of hundreds of children, families and individuals from limiting thoughts and beliefs to a place of empowerment by thriving and living “on purpose and with purpose.”

Through her unique intuitive guidance, she leads you into deeper self-awareness, healing unconscious conditioning, meeting you as your true self and creating from this new place.

She shares through information and embodied experiences, speaking both to the mind & heart creating a coherence of alignment and harmony. By integrating the work she guides you through, true transformation happens.

“They have a genuine desire to help others reach an enlightened happy state of mind and body.”

About Amy McAuley

Amy McAuley is a natural leader, inspiring hundreds of women worldwide with her inspirational programme, fitness courses, online presence and life coaching work. She is passionate about empowering women to overcome adversities, self-limiting beliefs and emotional pain, in order to become the best version of themselves and lead happy, fulfilled lives.

As a mother of three, a wife, a successful businesswoman and author, Amy appreciates the pressures of life and the demands of juggling multiple roles. Having personally faced many challenges – including post-natal depression, reliance on alcohol and cigarettes, and leaving family and friends behind when migrating to the other side of the world – Amy is open and non-judgemental. She teaches and demonstrates how positivity, drive and self-love can lead to profound personal improvement.

After training as a life coach and discovering Powerhoop – an innovative exercise opportunity – Amy successfully overcame her previously poor body image, long term battle with bulimia and negative mindset. Bubbly, open and committed, she leads by example, through community involvement, authenticity, ongoing self-development, and a genuine interest in and desire to help her clients.

“I wasn’t aware that I needed anything. I came with curiosity, yet I got some great awareness. 

It made me realize that there are always things to learn and tools to implement in my life.” 

Inna Neal & Amy McAuley