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‘Your Path to Healing and Happiness’ starts  

Monday 13th September, 7pm – 8:30pm NZT weekly for 8 weeks

with Inna Neal and Amy McAuley.

“Inna and Amy are a perfect mix between deep emotional healing and opening our hearts in fun and Joy.”

What’s the one thing that everyone wants for themselves and the people they love?


we all want to experience happiness!

Not the conditional kind of happiness, where we rely on external circumstances to make us happy.  Your Path to Healing and Happiness is about cultivating  a deep connection to presence, ease, compassion, creativity, joy and a liberation of unconditional LOVE. 


“How do you know if you are blocking happiness from your life?”


    • I’m feeling a sense of disconnection to myself and the people in my life.
    • Questioning why am I here and what my purpose is.
    • I experience fear, anxiety, worry, frustration and physical pain in my body.
    • I feel like I should be happy because I have everything I need, yet there is a sense of something missing and I just can’t identify it.
    • I find myself often coming back to old reactions and habits even though I know they are not serving me and the people in my life.
    • I am experiencing too much busyness in my mind, the same negative thoughts and feelings keep repeating.
    • I have lost my mojo and inspiration. Not sure who I am and what I should be doing in the world.
    • My health and wellbeing isn’t where I would like it to be.
    • I am ready to explore other possibilities.

 “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence”- Aristotle

How do you get more freedom and happiness in your life?

It’s embracing your mind and learning how to embody your body, your energy, your soul and your purpose for life, your unique expression of yourself.  The parts that exist, yet are very subtle.  When we connect to all parts of us, we connect to all people and experiences in our lives with our hearts, our purpose, our joy. We create new relationships and new possibilities, and the world benefits.

It’s deepening your awareness, your connection to your true self.  The very things you are looking to achieve…you locate them deep within and then you begin to see it in others and the world.


 Why do we need this right now?

As a human race we are moving into a whole new way of living. If Covid has taught us anything it’s that humanity is evolving and stepping into new possibilities of living in the world. This new world is one of a different vibration.  One that holds the vibration of Love, Joy and Ease.  We are already moving into it, yet we are also still holding on to the old energy, feeling a bit like a yo-yo effect.  Learning how to stabilize more into this new energy in our physical reality. We must connect to our true authentic selves for us to see that in the world.

This course takes you on a journey to heal the parts of you that keep you disconnected and embody those parts of you that can.   It is your birthright to experience joy, ease, freedom, love and abundance by tapping into our life force.

On this 8 week journey of Healing and Happiness, you will define what happiness truly looks like for you and we practice together, living in the energy of that new momentum.

During these 8-weeks, Inna and Amy will guide you on a journey to uncover your true authentic self. Through practicing self-awareness and letting go of old conditions, you will access your healing and create happiness in your life.

We go deep into three main themes

    • Self-awareness and living consciously
    • Healing old conditions and patterns
    • Creating happiness and manifesting the life you can imagine.


About the Course

This Course is perfect for you if you want:
  • To feel healthier in your mind, body, spirit and soul.
  • You want to create habits in your life that will increase your happiness.
  • You’re already aware of your purposeful path and want clearer guidance that will allow your true self to emerge even more.
  • Experience breathwork to balance the energy in your body.
  • You are just beginning the journey and want to experience connection to your true self.
  • You have tried to access a state of wellbeing before, but don’t seem to get there or able to sustain it and want to create better meditation and spiritual practices.
  • You want to manifest a life that you know is possible with more meaning, purpose and joy.
  • You want to experience more energy and presence with the people in your life.

Amy and Inna will meet you where you are and guide you in the direction you want to go.

Monday Weekly Live Calls

Throughout these 8 weeks, you will experience…


    • What happiness feels like.
    • A safe space where we are seen, heard, and acknowledged.
    • Going deep into self-awareness.
    • Quieting the noise and awakening to our Wisdom.
    • Release old blocked energy and create new momentum.
    • Connecting and opening your heart and intuition.
    • Both structure and Coaching and Mentoring just where you are.
    • Integrate and anchor practices that will cultivate a high vibrational state of joy, freedom and ease that becomes your natural state.
What you will receive
  • 8 Weekly live sessions on Zoom (all sessions are recorded if you can’t make it live).
  • Each session is between 90 – 120 minutes.
  • All session recordings, worksheets, self-work videos, bonus meditations will be on one easy to navigate platform that will be available for one year. Weekly recorded short messages of inspiration.
  • A private Facebook group where we create our own tribe of love, support, and accountability (a powerful tool that is often overlooked). Amy and Inna will be sharing spontaneous reflections, guided breathwork and mediations.
  • Bonus meditations, videos and other practices on the membership platform.
  • BIG BONUS….3 weekly Morning live 20 minute sessions to create a higher state of vibration together. This practice is very powerful.
Why do I need a mentor

So many of us have quieted the larger part of who we are. This is our intuitive self, our spirit, our inner WISDOM. You may have spent years living in old, limiting beliefs that have taken you further and further away from who you are and what your purpose is. This creates a state of being that isn’t aligned and in harmony with why you are here.

It takes new awareness, new tools and practices to deconstruct, let go and release the things that no longer serve us. We do this so we can create a new way of living in a desired reality. Amy and Inna have experienced powerful transformations via community connections created with a guiding mentor.

Now we would love to be both mentors and guides for you.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”


“I was introduced to tools and practices that I’ve been able to use every day in my life

that both help me to get through difficult times and create Joy in my life.”

Your Mentors

Inna Neal

Inna Neal is a WISDOM life coach and intuitive energy mentor. She specialises in guiding and supporting children, teens, parents, families and individuals to become self-aware, heal their past experiences, and create new ways of living life in presence, freedom, ease and joy. She teaches a powerful system of living consciously through local and international workshops, speaking engagements, retreats and one on one coaching and mentoring.  Read Inna’s bio….

Inna and Amy

Inna and Amy have been on a journey as avid learners and passionate teachers for 17 years combined. Through their courses, workshops, talks and retreats, Inna and Amy have coached and mentored people both in groups and one to one on their journey to awaken their true authentic selves. They’ve assisted many people to release old conditioning and habits while helping them to live life on purpose and access happiness. They’ve been helping people respond to everyday life experiences with ease, freedom and joy.

Amy McAuley

Amy is a natural leader who has inspired hundreds of women worldwide with her programmes, fitness courses, online presence and life coaching work. She is passionate about empowering women to overcome adversities, self-limiting beliefs and emotional pain. She wants them to become the best version of themselves and lead happy, fulfilled lives. Read Amy’s bio..



Videos of Previous Courses

Thriving at Home

Piha Retreat

“I wasn’t aware that I needed anything. I came with curiosity, yet I got some great awareness. 

It made me realize that there are always things to learn and tools to implement in my life. “


Inna & Amy’s Courses

It was such a privilege joining Inna and Amy on the Piha retreat!
Wonderful words and feeling come to my mind when I think about being there. Fun, Self-love, Ease, Soulful, Enriching, Connection with others and with myself, Healing, Nature, and Freedom.
My intention going to the retreat was to have some ME time, to connect with my heart and my soul, to slow down, to meet new people and to share… share laughs, share experiences, share energy and most of all share love!  I experienced this and so much more.  The healing journey I experienced on this weekend was so beautiful!
I’m so grateful for you two in my life and the experience of being around your loving, healing energy!
I continue my self-love journey and I keep choosing to make time for myself 🥰🥰

Simone Senff

Inna’s Courses

This journey with Inna was Intuitive.  Inna knows what to say to stretch my learning, growing, and creating.  It was Powerful as the energy was inspiring, supportive and loving.  It’s a truthful experience; through Inna’s coaching I was able to completely open up, be myself, tell my truth, be vulnerable and heal a huge trauma from my past.  An experience I was holding in my entire body for many many years. Inna’s gentle guidance and fear releasing meditations allowed me to open up completely, release and come out the other end feeling and believing completely differently about that trauma. It helped me see the world in a much more loving, supporting, and nurturing light which I now want to live by.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Inna, you are most amazing and absolutely fantastic at what you do, making such a difference to people’s lives!

Sidonia Greenbank

Amy’s Courses

Amy helped me regain my self confidence and to start to overcome a lifetime of self depreciating comments.  Amy helped me to set small goals and helped me change the way I looked at things.  I learned how to fight back the negative inner  voice.  I now see myself in a more positive light and value the person I am.  I have taken on healthier habits and have become a stronger person.  She supported me through challenging times in my life and I am so grateful for her help.  If  you are looking to better yourself or just boost your soul, Amy is amazing.  She is 100% authentic and is a true blessing to those of us who know her. 


Dan Hook

“It was liberating. I got deeper in touch with my intuition.  I felt lighter, excited about my life and connected to ease and Joy.”

Some extra questions you may have…

How much time will I need for this journey? I have a job, a family….

Aside from the Monday live calls, all practices that Inna and Amy share will be simple yet powerful practices to integrate into your life. This isn’t about adding more on your plate, it’s about choosing what serves you and allowing the rest to fall away. Many have shared that they have gained time from working with us.

Where will I access all this?
All the live call recordings, bonuses, zoom links and modules will be on one easy platform. Plus, we have the Facebook private group..
Can we really achieve this in 8 weeks?

Our spiritual growth is always evolving. There is no exit ramp from personal evolution and growth. Remember none of us are broken. These 8 weeks will propel you forward in a powerful way. This work will become part of your life and the transformation will be truly life changing.

What if I can’t make the live calls?

The live calls are very valuable as there will be opportunities to have your questions answered and be coached by Inna and Amy if you felled called to. In the event you cannot make the live call, as life happens, all the sessions are recorded and will be uploaded within 24 hours onto the membership platform.


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        "It was liberating. I got deeper in touch with my intuition.  I felt lighter, excited about my life and connected to ease and Joy."

        Inna Neal & Amy McAuley